20 Best #boatlife Boating Tips

Good habits make for safe boating and a well cared for boat. Start and finish checklists for every trip are a great habit to get into.

Start of trip:

  • Check boat for any signs of damage – report to Boatlife Society immediately if you find anything

  • Check safety gear is on boat and you know where it is

  • Battery on

  • Engine on

  • Check water out of engine and also check the flush point is closed tightly and there is no water coming out of it

  • Simrad on

  • Take a photo of the fuel gauge at start of trip

  • Once you’re out of the marina, bring fenders inside boat

End of trip:

  • Remember to put the fenders out before you dock

  • Tie up securely – at least two points and a ‘springer’ if you’re backed in to help keep engine away from back of berth

  • Take a photo of the fuel gauge at end of trip

  • Engine off

  • Battery off

  • All personal gear removed - don’t forget the storage areas and to empty the ice box

  • All rubbish in the bins located along the parking area

  • Use fresh water hose at dock to hose down exterior and interior of boat – wipe down with clean cloth

  • Pop the covers on if you know your trip is the final for the day

  • Report any damage or problems to Boatlife Society

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